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US Troops Armed With 'Silly String' In Iraq

Iraq Latest

According to a report we have seen on Yahoo News, a New Jersey mother has organized a collection and now has 1000 canisters of 'Silly String' ready to be sent out to troops in Iraq.

The toy, which is a pressurized container and squirts out 12 feet long strands of 'plastic goo', is used by the troops to check for trip wires in rooms.

The wires are nearly invisible to the naked eye and if the featherlight silly string holds in the air the troops know they have a problem, if it hits the floor then there are no trip wires.

A Philadelphia mother of one of the troops has 1000 canisters of the stuff ready to be shipped out to Iraq.

The Post Office in the US has refused to ship the cargo, saying that as it is an aerosol it is a hazardous material. But a private pilot has agreed to fly the shipment into Kuwait early next year.

Our thoughts are always with our troops and their families in Iraq and Afghanistan, but especially at this time of year.

8th December 2006

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