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Attempted Kidnap Ends When Kidnapper Shoots Self In Testicles

Yea, that would do it...

According to reports in the Wichita Eagle, which we found out about on Ananova, an attempted kidnapping in Wichita, Kansas, ended abruptly recently, after a shooting accident.

According to the reports, one of three would be kidnappers pulled a gun, shot at a teenager, missed, put the gun back into his waistband and it went off, hitting him in the left testicle.

The same man then accidentally immediately shot himself in the calf, presumably because he was in pain, or perhaps he was surprised....

The 23 year old man was arrested when he sought medical attention at a medical center. His two companions, aged 18 and 20 were also arrested.


( has a policy of not publishing the names of suspects before they have been convicted in the courts.)


20th November 2006

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