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Naked Man Arrested For Carrying Concealed Weapon Up His Butt

Rectum Revelation

According to reports we have seen on Yahoo News, as reported by Associated Press, a 33 year-old man* from Pittsburgh, USA, has been arrested by police for carrying a concealed weapon.

The suspect was naked when the police found him. He was believed to have been masturbating.

When the nude suspect was asked if he was carrying anything 'the police should know about' (presumably with a straight face) the man told police he had a concealed weapon up his rectum.

Police then drew their guns on the naked man while he removed a 6 inch metal 'awl' wrapped in black electrical tape from his butt.

Police then booked him into jail for parole violations, indecent exposure and one felony count of possessing a concealed weapon.


*( has a policy of not publishing the names of suspects before they have been convicted in the courts.)

7th November 2006

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