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'Grinding' Dance Style Banned In Another US High School

Dirtiest Dancing

USA. New Hampshire, Concord:

According to reports we have seen on the internet, a High School in Concord has banned all school dances after a number of students were seen 'dirty dancing'.

The high school is just the latest in a number of schools taking action to stop the latest dance craze sweeping the USA, called Grinding.

The dance, also called "housing" or "juking", simulates various sex acts, but with the students keeping all of their clothes on...

Experts tell us it is not a million miles away from the Dirty Dancing style in the movie of the same name.

The most common form of the dance has a boy and a girl both facing the same way, the boy with his groin to her buttocks, while they dance to the high beat of hip-hop or house music.

Another variation has the dancers simulating the 'doggy style' sex method, with the boy holding the girl's buttocks while grinding it with his genital region with her holding her weight on her arms, face towards the floor.

High School administrators in Concord asked about a dozen students to leave a dance of 350 students at the weekend. 150 students left with them in solidarity.

24th September 2006

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