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Camel's Milk Is The New Viagra, Claim

Mmmmmh Camel's Milk....

According to a story we saw on web site, there is a large and growing demand for camel's milk in the Indian state of Rajasthan, after an 88 year-old man claims drinking the stuff enabled him to father a child.

The price for camel's milk has apparently doubled over the last few weeks, from 40 rupees (eight cents US) a litre, up from 20 rupees (four cents) a few weeks ago.

The new father, Virmaram Jat, a farmer, puts down his sexual prowess to drinking camel's milk, so says the Times of India.

It is not clear if he is related to any of the vendors selling camel's milk in the state.

Doctors and scientists reportedly say that it's probably not the camel's milk that did it.

30th August 2006

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