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And Today's Secret For Long Life Is... Donkey's Milk

Mmmmmh Donkey's Milk....

According to the BBC's children's news website CBBC, a 116 year old woman, who died last week, attributed her longevity to drinking donkey's milk.

Maria Esther de Capovilla, of Ecuador, apparently drank fresh milk from the donkey's at her aunt's farm when she was a child.

Her younger sister, born 11 months after her, is now thought to be the oldest person alive.

Dinky Donkey Milk links:

According to web site,, donkey milk is the closest thing to human milk there is... [link]

Apparently Hippocrates recommended donkey's milk for a number of maladies [link]

You can even get donkey milk soaps [link]

Or how about some donkey milk based facial cream from Chile? [link]

30th August 2006

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