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Tom And Jerry to Be Edited For Smoking...

And they may also want to look at...

The Guardian in the UK reports that Turner, the owners of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, have decided to edit out images where characters are seen smoking.

This follows complaints that two cartoons in particular, Texas Tom and Tennis Chumps, in which characters are seen smoking, had been repeatedly shown on the children's channel, Boomerang, this year.

There is no news if Turner is to remove other possibly dangerous-to-young-kids sections of the cartoons:

Tom repeatedly runs into an upturned rake which smashes into his face

Tom seen pouring ink onto a kitchen shelf, gets a stamp with a paw print on it and then stamps the inked paw on the floor all the way over to a sleeping dog before putting a roast chicken under his paw in an attempt to frame him for its theft.

Jerry seen filling up a room with water so that ducks can swim inside the house.

Tom seen throwing tacks on the floor so that when you walk over them they stick in your feet and hurt like hell.

A sleeping King is seen with clothesline pegs on his nose and mouth which restrict him breathing so much that it looks like his head is about to explode when he breathes out...

Jerry gets a pair of scissors and cuts the tail off Tom.

Tom steals a baby and puts it in a dog's kennel.

23rd August 2006

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