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Ohio Man Charged For An Unrequested Toe Suck In Library


An Ohio man, who we will not name because he has not been convicted yet, only charged, is accused of sucking on a woman's toe after he persuaded her to allow him to kiss her foot in a public library.

The unlucky 28 year-old toe-sucker said that he wanted to see what the woman's reaction would be (it is all part of a sociology project, he told her).

The woman, 27, told him she was 'freaked out' by it, according to some reports.

She called the cops.

The woman picked the sucker out of a line-up.

If convicted of the charge of 'gross sexual imposition', the man could face up to 18 months in jail and a $5000 fine, according to the Associated Press.

27th July 2006

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