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Woman Armed With Pooper Scooper Arrested After Attacking Couple

Hygienic Attack

USA, Milwaukee: A 47 year-old woman (who we will not name because she hasn't been convicted in a court yet*) broke into a house in the early hours of 11th June 2006.

The man and woman living there were roused by the sound of their dog's barks. They went to find a woman, whom they did not know, armed with a pooper scooper and a pair of scissors.

The 5ft tall intruder threatened to kill the couple, and then started to hit them with the pooper scooper.

The man tried to eject the pooper scoopette out of his home, but she resisted so he threw her down the stairs into the basement.

When the police arrived they had to taser the woman, before five officers could subdue her enough to arrest her...

14th June 2006

* objects to media outlets revealing the identities of those accused before they are convicted. In our real funny news section we will try to never reveal the name, or identity, of anyone involved in a case who has not been convicted properly in a court of law. After they are properly convicted we will use the name.

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