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BBC Apologizes For Interviewing Driver As Internet Expert On Live TV

Apple Angst (Inc Video)

The mix-up all began after Apple, the i-Pod computer company, had won a court case against Apple Records, the Beatles label, and the BBC called into the studio an expert on music downloads, Guy Kewney, on 8th May 2006.

Guy Kewney looks like this:
Guy Goma looks like this:
Guy Kewney
Guy Goma


Unfortunately, Guy Goma had gone to the BBC for a job interview as a driver that day, and got called in onto News 24, the domestic digital 24 hour news channel, to give an interview...

Mr Goma is visibly shocked when he is introduced as the internet expert Guy Kewney, but he doesn't dry up, he gives it his best shot... Good on ya mate...

To see the video click here (Windows media).

16th May 2006

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