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Auction To Benefit An Unlucky Family Leads To Two Accidentally Shot

Iowa Ouch!

BELLEVUE, Iowa: An auction was being held for the benefit of a family whose home burned down last month.

A 10-gauge shotgun was one of the lots.

The gun was being displayed on a table and a 10 year old managed to put a shell in it without anyone noticing.

(There were 200 people at the benefit.)

Inevitably, a man picked up the gun and pulled the trigger...

Unluckily he seems to have been pointing it at people at the time.

Darrell Clasen, of La Motte, and John Moellers, of Bellevue, were both shot in the arm and shoulder respectively. They were quickly discharged from hospital.

Story seen on the internet 12 May 2006, apparently originating from Telegraph Herald,

12th May 2006

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