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Is That A Pig In Your Bag, Sir?

Russian Football Fiasco

Security conscious football stewards in Moscow stopped a man trying to smuggle a pig into a premiership football match between Spartak Moscow and St Petersburg's Zenit, recently.

The pig was apparently hidden in a large bag and the man, farmer Vladimir Kisilev, said he almost managed to get it into the match.

The problem was, say the stewards, that it could have incited a riot because Spartak Moscow are referred to as 'Pigs' by their Zenit rivals.

Kisilev, from St Petersburg, says he had been to a pig show and didn't have anywhere to put the pig so he decided to take it to the match.

But he couldn't get in.

So he's now squealing like a pig to the media.

Oink. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!

Story seen on Ananova.

8th May 2006

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