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82 Year Old Woman (With Cane) Given Ticket for Crossing Road Too Slowly

"Jaywalking Squawking!"

San Fernando Valley: A Los Angeles motorcycle cop was watching as 82 year old Mayvis Coyle, who walks with a cane, was walking home carrying her shopping from a grocery store across a 5-lane intersection between Foothill Boulevard and Woodward Avenue, February 15.

The scientists in the traffic department had calculated that it should take just 1 second to cover each 4 feet of the crossing. Unfortunately, Mayvis Coyle didn't walk that fast and the lights had turned to red by the time she had reached the other side.

The motorcycle cop got off his bike, gave her a ticket for jaywalking and a $114 fine.

It was the first time in her life she had ever broken the law.

She is to appeal against the ticket.

17th April 2006

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