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Man Gets Telephone Bill For 'All The Money In The World'

"That will be 220 trillion dollars please sir!"

You've had bad phone bills, but you've never had a phone bill asking you for what is probably more money than there is in the whole world...

A Malaysian man, Yahaya Wahib, got a 'final demand' bill for 806 trillion Ringgits, which is about $220 trillion dollars.

He's been told he's got to pay it in 10 days or face prosecution.

Now, we have never counted all the money in the world, so we will have to take what we found on the internet to be true.

On web page:

they calculate that, and this is only in the USA, all the money in the country is $6 trillion.

Mr Wahib has told reporters he is ready to fight the company if they prosecute.

We will be following his progress.

806 trillion Ringgits in other currencies:

125 trillion Great Britain Pounds (Sterling)

25,988 trillion Japanese yen

300 trillion Aussie dollars

181 trillion Euros

252 trillion Canadian Dollars

12th April 2006

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