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Arthur Winston, Los Angeles Metro's Oldest Employee, Reaches 100, Says 'No More'

'Employee of the [20th] Century' retires

Arthur Winston, who retired on 22nd March, his 100th Birthday, had already been named 'Employee of the Century' by President Bill Clinton way back in 1996 (when he was a mere stripling of 90) but he kept on working...

He even had the division he was working in named after him in 1997 (The Arthur Winston Division in South Los Angeles) but he kept on coming in...

Arthur worked for the Los Angeles public transit agencies for a total of 76 years. The only day off sick he ever had was in 1988, when his wife died.

Arthur Winston blows out candles on his 100th Birthday cake
Surrounded by a squad of Laker Girls, Arthur Winston blows out the candles on the special 100th birthday cake. Photo by Gary Leonard. Picture with thanks to Los Angeles Metro.

He was a service attendant leader of 11 employees responsible for cleaning and refueling the Metro Busses.

City of Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa:

“Arthur Winston is a true inspiration. We thank him for his years of service and congratulate him on reaching the century mark. We all wish Mr. Winston continued health and prosperity as he enjoys a long and well-deserved retirement.”

According to Arthur:

“I haven’t planned too much yet, but I want to keep busy, keep active. I don’t want to go home and sit down.”

23rd March 2006

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