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It's A Croc Out! Flying Crocodile Head-Butts Car, Car Wins

Croc Shock

A 6 ft 6 inch crocodile collided head first into the side of a moving car in Australia's Northern Territory last week, giving itself, as well as the driver, a bit of a shock.

The suicide croc died instantly.

Experts from the area say that the snappy roadkill could have been confused by the monsoon season and jumped in the wrong direction out of a ditch, straight into the side of a car.

It's not clear if the driver stopped and got out of the car to take a look to see if they could help (as it says you have to do in Highway Code), perhaps when crocodiles are jumping out at you you can just drive on...?

There are reports of a number of similar crocodile incidents in Kakadu, with local residents told to watch out for the reptiles when driving near waterways...

Perhaps it's also a good idea to have your windows closed too...

Story first seen on, 5 February 2006

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