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Will You Marry Me on 6th June 2006 (6/6/6)?

Devil in the detail

The 6th June 2006 is proving popular as a Wedding date, according to reports seen on the BBC and Ananova.

The number 6/6/6 is widely regarded as the 'Number of the Beast', at least it has been since The Omen films came out, before that it was apparently in Revelations...

So far, 17 couples have applied to marry in the Dutch city of Enschede on June 6 this year. The 6th of June is a Tuesday and typically there are only two to three weddings in the city on that day.

In Rotterdam, 14 weddings are planned on the 6/6/6, compared to the usual figure of 6-8.

The authorities in Arnhem said 9 couples have signed up for 6/6/6 dates, when usually Tuesday is the quietest day of the week.

Apparently, one couple even asked to get married at 6 minutes past 6 on the morning of 6th June 2006, but the authorities couldn't get out of bed early enough.

Rewritten from original source: Ananova

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