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$200 for a bowl of soup...? this is what you get

World's most expensive soup

The bowl contains about 15 mouthful's, which works out to about $13 a spoonful!

The soup gets its name from a Chinese myth in which the Buddha was so taken by the smell coming from a house he passed, that he hopped over the wall to eat it, despite his vegetarian principles.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup (Serves 1)
Main soup ingredients
200g whole abalone (c$55)
75g shark's fin (c$45)
5g Japanese flower mushroom
50g sea cucumber
1 dried scallop
1 corn-fed chicken
3g cordicep (Chinese herb)
3g ginseng
50g fish maw
Ham stock
300g Parma ham
300ml water
Main soup stock
500g lean pork
1 chicken
1 dried longan (Chinese fruit)
1 piece dried mandarin skin
100 Parma ham

Rewritten from original source: Daily Mail

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