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Hamburg Tourists Put On Alert For Exploding Toads

Rivet Rivet ... Ooops POP!.. Err...

Germany Toads are exploding all over Hamburg's parks.

Over the last four days, thousands have exploded sending toady giblets and body parts all over the place.

Toad populations appear to be under threat from this mysterious outbreak of spontaneous toad combustion.

The toads expand to up to three and a half times their normal size before going pop.

An unknown fungus in the water could be to blame, a virus, or a defence against aggressive birds in the area, experts speculate.

An eyewitness told us:

"You see the toads crawling along the ground, swelling and getting bigger as they go until they are like little tennis balls, and then they suddenly explode."

April 2005

Rewritten from original source: Ananova

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