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'This Message Will Self Destruct In 40 Seconds...' Latest SMS Development

SMS Mission Impossible?

No, your cell phone isn't about to explode into smoke in 40 seconds (unless there is something else wrong with it).

It is the text message you have just read that will disappear shortly after it has been accessed.

Thanks to a number of high profile celebrity embarrassments, where their fruity text messages got into the national newspapers, a UK company, Staellium UK, is now offering the new service, StealthText, to interested parties, reports website

Both the sender and receiver have to sign up for the service in which the receiver doesn't get the text message directly, but has to click on a link to the message, read it, and then, 40 seconds later, the message becomes unreadable.

On the upside for tabloid editors, the messages have to be kept on a secure server for a while, for 'security' reasons.

On the downside, no more professional footballers and their lovers telling each other how they are going to spank each other. Shame.

Source: 13th December 2005

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