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George Bush Can't Get Through A Door, We Have The Video, Give Us Your Reaction

Includes Video Download

George Bush, when ending a press conference in China last week, walked off to his right and tried to open doors that wouldn't open...

Laugh along with us at his misfortune... and then tell us what you think...

Download the video here (in association with a web site)
Technical note: The audio is muted from the middle of this video for copyright reasons. We believe that because this is a public press conference that this video is in the public domain. Queries to

This video is now available for your cell phone... (download from this site and put on your cell phone yourself).

For the picture strip click here. For the grimace close up click here.

What famous people might have said...

John K
"At least he didn't fall over."
Dick C
"Bring me the **** who locked those ****** doors."
Kung K
"I no speak Englese, but how yu say: 'I laugh till I wee'? He He. Oh don get me start agin."
Dan Q
"Give the guy a break. At least he can spell potatoe."
Vin D
"I would have blown the ***** doors off."
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30th November 2005

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