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Indian Viewers See Porn Instead Of News In Station Mix-up

'Now to our reporter on the job...'

Kailaras, Madhya Pradesh, India:

DD-1 News LogoTelevision viewers settling down at 8 o'clock on 4th November to watch the news in English on DD-1 were shocked to discover they were actually watching an X-rated performance from a Russian porn channel.

DD-1 officials initially claimed it was a 'technical fault due to fluctuations in frequencies', but were forced to launch a full probe when a crowd of around 100 took to the streets.

Locals blamed technicians in the Kailaras relay station for using the facilities to watch porn and demanded they be sacked.

As reported on Ananova, TV station regional manager Man Singh Verma said:

"An initial probe confirms negligence on the part of the relay station staff in transmitting pornographic material from a Russian TV channel instead of the news from Indian channel DD-1."

Facts taken from multiple internet sources, 8th November 2005. Ananova,

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