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Manhood Manhandler Sticks Ex-Lover's Penis To His Abdomen, Sued for $30,000

Painful revenge

Pennsylvania, USA:

On the bright side, Gail O'Toole didn't cut Kenneth Slaby's penis off like John Bobbit had his removed in 1993.

What she did do, in May 2000, was super glue his penis to his abdomen, his testicles to his leg, his butt cheeks together, put nail varnish in his hair and wrote profanities in nail varnish on his back... all while he slept...

The two dated for 10 months in 1999, but they broke up.

Slaby started dating someone else.

O'Toole invited Slaby over to her home on May 7, 2000. While there she suggested he take a nap.

"I woke up in extreme pain," Slaby reportedly told one source, "My whole groin area was on fire."

When he woke up, some sources say, O'Toole was screaming at him: 'I'm tired of your lies', her veins were popping out of her neck.

If that wasn't bad enough, Slaby then had to walk a mile to a convenience store to call for help. It took the hospital 4 hours to return his penis in the right position again.

O'Toole has already served 6 months probation for the attack, she pleaded guilty to 'misdemeanour assault'.

Slaby is now suing her for more than $30,000 damages. Her defence attorney claims Slaby consented to having his genitals glued, and there was no permanent damage.

The case continues.

Facts taken from multiple internet sources, 4th November 2005. ABC,, CBC,,,,

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