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Disabled Electric Wheelchair Owner Banned For Drink Driving

Electric Wheelchair Ban

Loebau, Germany:

Disabled Sven Mietke, 26, was stopped by police after he was seen driving his electric wheelchair from side-to-side.

He was breathalized and was found to be almost 5 times over the drink drive limit (228 milligrams in 100 millilitres of blood, the limit is 50 milligrams in Germany.)

He was on his way to buy beer from a petrol station, say the police.

Mietke was fined £1300 ($2300) and banned from driving his electric wheelchair for three months.

At his trial he told the court:

"I drink 10 to 12 bottles of beer a day."

Mietke will have to drive a non electric wheelchair during the ban.

Item first seen on Ananova, 2nd November 2005.

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