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Hey, Dude-Mate, Like, Look At Our Loot...

Aussie thieves caught

Two Aussies on a working ski holiday in Colorado USA robbed a WestStar Bank in June this year.

They stole $130,000, hid the money in a ski board case, and escaped by ski lift....

Then they went to their apartment and took pictures of themselves with the money...

And, boy, do they look pleased with their haul...

The pictures, below, of the real life Dumb and Dumber, Anthony Prince, 20 (4.5 years in prison), and Luke Carroll, 19 (5 years in prison), were released by federal prosecutors in Denver.

The guys wore badges from the ski shop they were working at during the robbery, and have distinctive Australian accents.

Luke Carroll
Luke Carroll
Anthony Prince
Anthony Prince

25th October 2005.

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