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SMS Bible: "In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth"

Is this the most radical updating of the Bible since it was first translated into English...?

We aren't an expert on the subject, but could be...

The Bible Society of Australia have translated the Bible into SMS Text message format, the whole lot.

Verses like these classics:

wateva u say or do should be dun in da name of da Lord Jesus, as u give thanks 2 God da Father coz of him.
I give u peace, da kind of peace dat only I can give. It isn't like da peace dat dis wrld can give. So dun be worried or afraid
How long will u lie there doin nufin at all? When r u goin 2 get up & stop sleepin?

Anyone interested can download an application from their site, select a verse and away they go... cya

Fair Dinkum.

20th October 2005.

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