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World's Ugliest Mutt Crowned, Merchandising To Follow

According to the New York Daily News web site, Sam died 18th November 2005, just short of his 15th birthday.

Luckily, Sam is only a pint sized pooch, if he was bigger he would be a real, living, monster.

He's buck toothed... one red one green eye...

... and a sinister whispy white head of hair.

Something you wouldn't want to bump into down a dark alley, or even an alley in broad daylight, it has to be said.

Luckily, when standing on the ground, he only gets up to your ankles.

According to his website, Sam is a purebred Chinese Crested Hairless.

15 year old Sam was adopted by Susie Lockheed who took him in from a local shelter which had branded him as being unadoptable.

The pig ugly mutt has t-shirts, a magnet with his image on and mugs, the site says, are on their way...

20th October 2005.

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