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Man Blows Balloons Up With His Ears...

Eerie Wind?


Ever get a headache from blowing up a load of balloons with your mouth?

Spare a thought for Wei Mingtang, a factory worker from Guilin city, Guangxi province.

Wei can blow up balloons with his ear, according to the Nanguo Morning News.

Yes, Wei!
Wei Mintang blows up balloon with his ear

Apparently, another of Mingtang's party tricks is to stick a small hose in his ear so that he can blow out candles...

(Presumably he uses a hose because he kept setting light to his hair?)

(Or he kept blowing his ear wax on the birthday cake?)

He has blown out 20 candles in a line within 20 seconds using his ear hose, say reports...?

Rewritten from original source: Ananova

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