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Yodeling Workout Better than Yoga, Jogging?

Looking for an ology which will set you apart from the crowd?

Why not try studying for a Certificate of Yodelology?

That's what a website is offering it's readers.

Yodeling, the ancient, throaty, Austrian mountain singing, has been researched by scientists at Graz University who claim it is more healthy than both yoga and jogging.

Scene of Yodeling

Hermann Haertel, a professional yodeller who runs a course in Graz, Austria, is sure the time is right for a revival of this loud throat-warbling singy-shouting:

"Yodeling is alive again in the Alps - it is the music of the mountains. To yodel one needs to use all one's energy."

"It is a powerful cry that comes from the soul, and once you start it becomes addictive."

Some yodeling courses in Austria have 4 applications for every place, leaving a gap in the market a website is now trying to fill.

Visitors to can download yodeling examples to try on the way to work on the bus, train or during quiet moments in the office (only joking!)

20th August 2005. has not received any payment or other benefits from the site mentioned in this story.

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