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Barney The Macaw Told To Stop Swearing (Contains bad language)

Beep-off, beep, beep-ers
If you are offended by bad language click away now...

Barney, a five year old Macaw, who one time was owned by a truck driver, has been put into isolation at an animal sanctuary in Warwickshire, England, for retraining after telling a lady mayor to "fuck off"...

A macaw (not Barney)

Barney also told a lady vicar: "and you can fuck off as well."

When two policemen came to inspect the bird, Barney told them: "And you can fuck off you two wankers."

A sanctuary worker told reporters: "He does say 'Hello, big boy' and 'Thank you' when you give him a biscuit."

Another macaw (still not Barney)

Centre manager Geoff Grewcock told the Sun newspaper: "He seems to swear more at people in uniform, whose clothes may strike him as a bit strange."

"His favourite word is definitely 'bollocks'".

Story first seen on Buzz Pages , 29th July 2005. This genuine story completed with facts from three internet sources.

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