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Florida Woman Fights For Her Right To Go Topless Legally

Pfffnarrrr pffnarrrr...

South Florida, USA: Elizabeth Book is fighting for the rights of women to go topless in the same public places that men can, an activity which is mostly illegal.

On Saturday 2nd July 2005, Elizabeth plans to strip to the waist outside the Peabody Auditorium, Daytona, next to three statues of topless women.

In an email to nudists, Book wrote:

"I will be as top-free as the statues. This is not over until Daytona is forced to recognize the unconstitutionality of their ordinances and statutes aimed at the American woman's breasts."

Scene of toplessness?

Book says she is allowed to strip to the waist legally after a court ruling quashed her earlier convictions for going topless as part of a political protest during Bike Week in March 2004.

State law says that female upper body nudity as part of a political protest is legal. Book had been arrested and fined $253. The state is to appeal.

Story first seen on the Buzz Page, 30th June 2005.

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