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Nonja The Ape Is Artist, Boyfriend Vladimir Her Worst Critic

Boyfriend eats girlfriends painting...

Austria: An arty orangutan, raised at Schoenbrunn Zoo, Vienna, is enjoying a growing fan base for her artwork.

This follows news that there is money to be made: Three art works by a chimp recently sold for $25,000 in a London auction house.

Nonja At the Keyboard
Example of Nonja's Artwork

Nonja, 29 years old, has been painting since 1992.

She inherited her paint set from Johnny the Chimpanzee who started painting in the 1950's at the zoo.

Nonja's artistic journey has not been an easy ride: at first her boyfriend, Vladimir, tried to eat her finished work.

Now Vladimir has to sulk in a separate cage.

Vladmir once tried painting but stuck the paintbrushes through the canvas.

Story first seen on Ananova and other sources, 30th June 2005.

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