4th September
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1972 Mark Spitz Wins Most Medals At A Single Olympiad

On this day, Spitz won his 7th medal at the Munich Olympics, in the 400-meter medley relay. His team set a new world record of 3 minutes 48.16 seconds.

The previous record number of golds at an Olympiad was held by the Italian fencer Nedo Nadi. He won 5 gold medals at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.

Mark Spitz's record gold medal haul:

Gold 1: The 200 meter butterfly (2 min. 0.70 sec)

Gold 2: .S. 400-meter freestyle relay (3 min. 36.42 sec)

Gold 3: 200-meter freestyle (1 min 52.78 sec)

Gold 4: 100-meter butterfly (54.27 sec)

Gold 5: 800-meter freestyle relay team

Gold 6: 100-meter freestyle (51:22 sec)

Gold 7: 400-meter medley relay

The Munich Olympics was then overshadowed when 5 Palestinian terrorists attacked the Israeli quarters in the Olympic village 2 were killed, 9 hostages taken, they were eventually all killed.

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