26th September

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1580 Francis Drake Returns After Circumnavigation Of The Globe

In the Golden Hind, Drake returned to Plymouth, England, on this day. He was the first British navigator to complete such a journey so deep into the Pacific Ocean.

He had set off on 13 December 1577 with 5 ships. The aim was to raid Spanish settlements on the Pacific coast of the New World.

Two ships were abandoned in South America. The other three went through the Straits of Magellan.

Of those three, only the Golden Hind continued up the western coast of South America.

Their object to raid the Spanish settlements was achieved, Drake sailed on, possibly as far North as present day Washington State, as he searched for an exit back to the Atlantic Ocean. He didn't find one, so he returned back to present day San Francisco for repairs, before setting off over the Pacific. Before doing so, he named the area Nova Albion, and claimed it for Queen Elizabeth I.

The Golden Hind then visited a number of islands in the Pacific, sailing onwards past the Cape of Good Hope (southern base of Africa) to return back into the Atlantic Ocean. Drake then proceeded back to Plymouth where he returned on this day.

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