23rd September

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1806 First Trip From Mississippi To Pacific Coast Returns

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark return to St. Louis, Missouri, on this day, after a two and a half year expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase.

President Thomas Jefferson had sent them off even before he had concluded the purchase of the land from the French.

The "Corps of Discovery" was made up of 28 men and one woman, a Native American called Sacagawea.

It was on this day...
1981 Talented Writer Arrested For Murder

Jack Henry Abbott had come to the attention of the literary community after writing long letters to Norman Mailer.

Abbott began writing to Mailer (who was writing a book about Gary Gilmore, a prisoner on Death Row), in 1971, about his supposed mistreatment in prison.

Some of these letters to Mailer were published in the New York Review of Books. Random House published Abbott's book 'In the Belly of the Beast'.

Abbott, who had spent most of his life in prison (he had even murdered an inmate in 1966 - Abbott says he was defending himself to a homosexual attack), was released on parole in, July 1981, after Mailer offered to employ him as a researcher.

Abbott quickly fell in with the small time crooks living in New York's Lower East Side.

Only 6 weeks after being released, Abbott got into a fight with Richard Adan, a waiter at the Bonibon restaurant in New York City. Abbott stabbed the waiter in the chest. He died.

Abbott went on the run but was re-arrested after returning to Louisiana. He committed suicide on 10th February 2002 while still in prison.

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Other News
1846 German astronomer, Johann Gottfried Galle, discovers Neptune, the Eighth planet
1939 Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, dies, age 83.
1952 Charlie Chaplin, the world's most famous entertainer, returns to his home in England after 21 years in the USA.
1952 Future US President, Richard Nixon, at the time a US Senator, answers allegations that he used an improper expenses fund, in a speech known as the 'Checkers speech' - the name of his dog that he mentioned.
1966 A Rolling Stones concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London is interrupted when members of the audience run on the stage.
1987 'Spycatcher', the memoirs of MI5 agent Peter Wright, is published after a legal battle with the British secret service.

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