20th September

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1946 First Cannes Film Festival Begins

Plans to begin the festival in 1939 were shelved because of the outbreak of World War Two.

18 nations were represented at the festival. Some of the films were:


USA: Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend

Italy: Roberto Rossellini's Open City

France: René Clement's The Battle of the Rails

Britain: David Lean's Brief Encounter

Nine films were awarded the Grand Prix du Festival.

About 300 people attended. Today that figure is around 30,000.

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Other News
1970 The Soviet's Luna 16, an unmanned probe, lands on the Moon to collect samples of rock (first time an unmanned probe had done that).
1973 Billie Jean King (female) beats Bobby Riggs (male) in a tennis match billed as 'The Battle Of The Sexes'.
1984 20 are killed when a suicide bomber explodes inside the US embassy in Beirut.

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