2nd September
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1666 Great Fire Of London Breaks Out

It started in King Charles II's baker on Pudding Lane near London Bridge. The baker, Thomas Farrinor, failed to properly extinguish the fire in his oven before going to bed.

From this point the fire spread rapidly through the oak timbered and tar coated properties. Tar had been put on the side of homes to stop the rain, but it was highly inflammable and quickly spread the flames.

On spreading to warehouses in Thames Street a city wide inferno was assured, filled with combustibles they added impetus to a fire quickly going out of control.

13,000 houses were destroyed, as were nearly 90 churches. Only 16 people lost their lives.

The fire was eventually extinguished on September 6. Only 16 people were thought to have died.

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Other News
1945 Ho Chi Minh, a communist, declares independence for Vietnam, from France. In 1969 on this day he died, aged 79.
1945 Japanese envoys board the American battleship Missouri, anchored in Tokyo bay, to sign the official declaration of unconditional surrender.

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