19th September

It was on this day...
1900 Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Rob Their First Bank

Their real names were Robert Parker and Harry Longbaugh. Their first robbery together was of the First National Bank in Winnemucca, Nevada, on this day.

It was on this day...
1955 President Juan Perón Deposed In Coup

Probably better known today throughout the world as the husband of Evita (real name Eva Duarte) through the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical, Evita, Argentina's president Juan Perón was forced into exile (in Spain) on this day.

His policies had increasingly antagonized many, including the church and students.

Perón had become something of a demagogue after early successes in restoring political freedoms to the working classes.

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Other News
1928 Mickey Mouse makes his debut in the short cartoon Plane Crazy. Later in the year he will star in Steamboat Willie.
1960 Chubby Checker and his song 'The Twist', hits No 1 in the charts, and becomes one of the most successful singles in history. It also started a worldwide dance craze.

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