17th September

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1976 Space Shuttle Shown To The Public For The First Time

The project had cost $10bn and about a decade to achieve.

NASA introduced the first shuttle, 'The Enterprise', to an astonished world during a ceremony at Palmdale, California, on this day.

The first space shuttle flight occurred in 1977. The shuttle was launched on the back of a Boeing 747 which released it at a height of 25,000 feet. The shuttle glided back, safely, to earth (to the Edwards Air Force Base).

Regular flights then began on 12 April 1981, when 'The Columbia' launched into space for a two day mission.

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Other News
1950 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis appear for the first time on radio, on The Colgate Comedy Hour.
1978 The Camp David Accord ends hostilities between Egypt and Israel for the first time since Israel's creation in 1948.

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