16th September
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1620 The Mayflower Sets Sail

It, finally, left port from Plymouth in England with 102 passengers on board. They were heading for Virginia in the New World and had authorization from the British crown to set up a colony there.

Stormy weather conditions changed their course, and they finally landed in what is modern day Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on November 21. The first colony was established in New England in December.

The mix of those passengers was about one third religious dissenters, and two thirds entrepreneur.

The Mayflower had attempted to sail in August but, when a smaller accompanying vessel, the Speedwell, proved unseaworthy, they returned to port. The Mayflower would eventually set sail on its own.

On board the ship the settlers agreed to a body politic which established constitutional law and democratic rule of the majority.

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Other News
1949 Road Runner debuts in the short Warner Brothers cartoon "Fast and Furry-ous."

1977 Marc Bolan, the 29 year-old lead singer of T-Rex, dies when a car in which he was a passenger crashes in Barnes, south-west London.

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