5th October
It was on this day...
1974 Man Circumnavigates The World On Foot (At Least The First Verified One)

He was an American, David Kunst.

He set off on June 20, 1970 from Waseca, Minnesota and completed his journey on this day.

During the journey it is reported he wore out 21 pairs of shoes.

Explaining why he wanted to undertake the 14,500 mile hike, he told reporters:

"I was tired of Waseca, tired of my job, tired of a lot of little people who don't want to think, and tired of my wife."

David had started off on the journey with his brother, John. John was shot and killed during the Afghanistan leg of the trip, by bandits in 1972. David was also shot, he returned home to recover from his wounds.

David returned to Afghanistan with another brother, Peter, to continue the journey. Peter retired from the journey apparently because of health reasons, leaving David to go on alone.

It was on this day...
1969 Embarrassing Security Breach In Miami, Florida

Homestead Air Force Base: While Air Force One was waiting to take President Richard M Nixon back to Washington DC, a Cuban defector lands his MiG-17, completely undetected by security.

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1892 Four of the five members of The Dalton Gang are killed as they attempt an ambitious double bank robbery in Coffeyville, Kansas.
1989 The Dalai Lama, the exiled political leader of Tibet, receives a Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent campaign against China's occupation of his land.

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