4th October
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1988 Televangelist Jim Bakker Indicted On Federal Charges

It became a media sensation when it was revealed that Jim Bakker had sex with a former church secretary, Jessica Hahn.

The encounter apparently occurred in 1980, in a Florida hotel room. Bakker allegedly paid $350,000 to her to secure her silence, but when this became public the story exploded.

Hahn, already a local radio personality, became a big celebrity and featured prominently on the Howard Stern Show.

Bakker's fall from grace was catastrophic. By 1986, he had built up one of the most popular, religious based, media cable companies, and a 2,200 acre resort which came third only to Disney World and Disneyland in terms of attendance numbers.

Jim Bakker was sentenced to 45 years in prison, which was reduced to 8 years.

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1957 The first ever artificial satellite, Sputnik, is launched into orbit by the Soviet Union.

1957 The first episode of 'Leave It to Beaver' TV show is screened.

1970 Janis Joplin dies of a heroin overdose.

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