15th October
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1917 Execution of Mata Hari

She was shot by a French firing squad for espionage on this day, in Vincennes outside of Paris. She refused a blind fold.

She had come to the attention of the public as an exotic dancer. Exotic in the sense it was Asian style dancing, and exotic also in the sense that she would slowly strip naked during her performance.

Her real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle and she was born in Holland, not in the sacred Indian temple that she claimed.

She courted high-ranking military figures, which became a problem with the outbreak of World War 1. She was arrested and imprisoned by the French at St. Lazare Prison in Paris, suspected of passing information to the Germans.

It was said that she revealed to the enemy the cutting edge military development of it's time, the tank. She was convicted and sentenced to death.

Historians have suggested that the French trumped up a number of the charges against Mata Hari to distract the public from the catastrophic loss of French life on the Western Front.

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