5th November
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1605 Plot Discovered To Bomb Parliament, 'The Gunpowder Plot'

20 barrels of gunpowder were discovered in a cellar underneath the UK's Parliament building in the early hours of today. Guy Fawkes was arrested at the scene.

Fawkes confessed (under torture) to being a member of a Catholic group attempting to kill the Protestant ruling government so that it could be replaced by a Catholic one.

Fawkes was sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered. He jumped from the ladder at his execution and broke his neck in the fall.

Today, November 5th is celebrated in Britain with the lighting of bonfires and fireworks and the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes, in a sort of thanksgiving that the plot, which probably would have destroyed parliament and killed many, had it gone ahead, was prevented.

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