30th November
It was on this day...
1954 Woman Hit By Meteorite As She Sleeps On Her Couch

It happened in Alabama, USA. The woman, Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges, was sleeping on her couch when a meteorite came through her roof, into her living room... She was hit on the hip by an object weighing 8.5 pounds.

She wasn't permanently injured, but she got a nasty bruise on her hip and leg.

It was on this day...
1993 Gun Control, USA, Brady Bill Signed

The Brady Bill was named after James S Brady. It established a procedure whereby anyone buying a handgun in the USA, had to wait 5 business days after buying the weapon before getting it. During this time the authorities would check out the purchaser against a stipulated list of criteria.

Brady himself had been shot in the head when John Hinckley Jr shot at President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Brady made an impressive recovery from nearly fatal injuries.

Those who opposed the bill said that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution forbade the regulation of gun ownership.

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1959 Production starts on Alfred Hitchcock's chiller, Psycho.

1995 US President Bill Clinton becomes the first serving US president to visit Northern Ireland and helps to give valuable credibility to the peace talks.

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