29th November
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1947 Palestine Is Partitioned By UN...

The partition of Palestine would establish Israel, the independent Jewish state. There was strong Arab opposition to the vote.

Great Britain controlled Palestine. There had been competing claims on the territory from the large numbers of immigrant Zionists (Jews) coming from Europe and Russia who wanted to set up their own state, against the claims of the native Palestinian Arabs.

By 1929, Arabs and Jews were fighting each other. In an attempt to help appease the Arabs, Britain took measures to stem the flow of Jewish immigration. During the Holocaust, many Jews fled to Palestine as a refuge. This immigration was technically illegal under the British rules. Radical Jews, who accused Britain of betrayal, fought the British with terrorism.

After the war, the USA took up the side of the Zionists and Britain didn't have a solution. It referred the issue to the United Nations for a decision. The UN voted to split the land in two, on this day... Israel one, Palestine the other...

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