27th November
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1978 Mayor and Official Murdered In San Francisco

Dan White, a former Board of Supervisors member, shot Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk dead at City Hall, with a .38 revolver.

White was immediately a suspect and was arrested soon after the bodies were found (by Supervisor Dianne Feinstein).

At his trial, White attempted to claim diminished responsibility to the murders, claiming a junk food diet and stress caused by losing his job. This would quickly be known as the 'Twinky Defense'. And it was successful: he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, not murder. He was sentenced to just 5 years in prison.

There was public outrage and the defense of diminished responsibility was revoked for all future offenses.

On his release he was unable to resume a normal life and he killed himself in 1986.

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Other News
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