24th November
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1859 'Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection' Is Published

Charles Darwin's most famous work argued that life on earth evolved gradually over a very long time by the method of 'natural selection'.

The book sold out immediately, and, as expected, was condemned by orthodox Christians as heresy.

Darwin had began researching the work in the 1830's on trips to the Galapagos Islands and New Zealand.

Darwin had formulated his theory by 1844 but feared the reaction by the church which condemned any theory other than creationism.

In 1858 another naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, published what was essentially Darwin's theory. Both Wallace and Darwin lectured together on their theory at the Linnean Society of London in July 1858. Only then did Darwin publish.

Darwin would provide further controversy when he said that men were descended from apes in his work 'The Descent Of Man', in 1871.

By the time of his death his work was generally accepted by scientists. He was given a VIP burial, being laid to rest in Westminster Abbey alongside Kings and Queens.

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