20th November
It was on this day...
1995 Princess Diana Admits Adultery

It was the first time that Diana had admitted it in person. 15 million people watched Martin Bashir's interview on the BBC's Panorama program, one of the highest BBC audiences ever.

Diana admitted having an affair with James Hewitt, but that he let her down.

Diana told of her attempts to deal with an ongoing relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. She said:

"There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."

It was on this day...
1945 Nuremberg Trials

24 senior Nazi's were put on trial over atrocities committed during World War Two.

Lord Justice Geoffrey Lawrence presided over the trial which took 10 months, with 216 court sessions.

12 Nazi's were sentenced to death by hanging. 7 convicted of prison sentences 10 years to life.

The Nazi leaders were hanged on 16th October 1946.

Trials of other, lesser, Nazi's continued into the 1950's. 5,025 were convicted, 806 were executed.

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1620 A child is born on the Mayflower while it was anchored near Cape Cod, Massachu-setts. It is Peregrine White, the first settler to be born in the new territories.

1947 Princess Elizabeth marries Philip Mountbatten at Westminster Abbey, London.

1952 Frank Sinatra screen-tests for 'From Here to Eternity'. He would receive an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role.

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