2nd November
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1947 Howard Hughes' All Wood Plane 'Spruce Goose' Flies

It was the largest aircraft ever built. It cost $23 million. It took so long to build that the Second World War, for which it was intended, had ended before it was completed.

The 'Spruce Goose' was designed by iconic billionaire inventor and movie mogul, Howard Hughes, who piloted today's flight.

The plane was designed to carry 700 men into battle. It had a wingspan of 320 feet, and 8 propellers.

The term 'Spruce Goose' was a term mockingly introduced by Hughes opponents, it was actually called the H-4.

Congress had demanded that the plane fly to justify its expense. Hughes managed to get it to fly 70 feet above the water for a mile before bringing it down safely.

Hughes kept the plane in a climate controlled environment until his death, in 1976.

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1948 The Chicago Tribune prints an early edition in which it's headline proclaimed: "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN." Dewey was the hot favorite, but in fact he lost by 2mn votes to Harry S Truman.

1960 The 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' obscenity trial ends. Penguin Books, the publishers, were acquitted (found not guilty) of obscenity.

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